FYI Peach Rings 300mg


Love gummy candy? Our Peach CBD Gummy Rings are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth as you medicate using non-psychoactive third-party tested cannabidiol isolate. Peach Rings come in a 300mg bag with each piece individually infused with 25mg of Cbd.

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Savor the taste of summertime with Peach CBD Gummy Rings, reminiscent of the days you spent as a kid in a candy store. With the slightly sour, yet sweet peach taste, these gummy rings are the perfect end to any meal or a chillaxing midday snack. With three different strengths to choose from, you can eat one, share them with friends or enjoy a whole bag of Peach CBD Gummy Rings without the risk of overmedicating. Take a bag of Peach Gummy Rings wherever you go with the sleek bag design that fits into any pouch or pocket.


Individually-infused CBD gummy candies in peach flavor. THC-Free. Gluten Free. Fat Free. MSG Free. Dairy Free. Lab tested for purity and potency.


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