Suggested Dosage

Your body may respond differently to the cannabinoids and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract than your neighbor. Therefore, dosages may vary from person to person. A suggested strategy is to start small, observe the effects, and then increase or decrease to reach your desired level of effect.

Time of Day

It’s up to you when to take your blend! You can take your Full Spectrum Hemp Extract in the morning upon awakening if you’re using the invigorating Clarity blend. You may consider, for instance, taking the Relax or Relief blend at night before bed if you feel anxiety or stress.

Onset and Duration

The onset of the effects of an orally ingested blend can usually be observed within 20-40 minutes, but some report up to 90 minutes before it takes effect. The duration of the effects of the blend can range from 4-6 hours on average.

Oral Ingestion

To administer a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract tincture, we suggest to place a dropper full of the liquid under the tongue for up to 30 seconds before swallowing. To take a softgel, take your preferred dose throughout the day as needed.


The heating mechanism of the vaporizer pen is breath-activated; so as you draw a breath, you will see the LED indicator light up. You may exhale as soon as you’ve drawn a breath full of vapor. You can carry your pen with you in your purse or pocket and enjoy throughout the day as needed. Simply discard the disposable pen when the extract has been used up.


The roll-on applicator makes it easy for you to apply the Full Spectrum Hemp Extract to painful muscles and joints. Apply liberally to the surface of a painful area. Reapply throughout the day as needed.