About Us

Our Story

Socal Solutions CBD Store San Diego was founded by two friends, David Bracamontes and Paul Sphabmixay. 

Paul is constantly researching and finding new holistic supplements that can improve the quality of life for himself and his family. Once he found CBD Oil, and deemed it as the best addition to his lifestyle. He was sleeping better and more relaxed during the day at his high-stress job. David, on the other hand has dealt with severe anxiety most of his life. Instead of depending on prescribed pills, David decided to use CBD as a natural solution to help reduce his anxiety. He found that he was able to sleep better and stop his prescriptions. Paul and David both found that CBD was the solution to improve their lifestyles, so because of that the name Socal Solutions was chosen.

Socal Solutions carries high-grade CBD products that you can trust and rely on, and that actually help provide the relief you are looking for. We only carry CBD brands that we trust and who are committed to quality, transparency and honesty.

SoCal Solutions provides healing remedies to ease ailments, soreness, aches and pains using homeopathic remedies that our ancestors have used for thousands of years. We strive to improve the lives of our friends, family and everyone around us. Love life and enjoy every moment – it’s too short to do otherwise.

Our Team

David Bracamontes
CEO / Co-Founder

Paul Sphabmixay
Owner / Co-Founder

Donna Soune
COO / Operations Manager

Terry Maldonado
Project Manager

Galileo Somerville
Web Developer